What Inspires You?

be happy.jpeg

According to Herzberg, “true motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition.” Is this happening for you? As a project manager, it’s easy to remember that communication is job one. But how do we inspire our teams? Once a project kicks off, we often forget about the niceties of lunch—aren’t we working through it ourselves?

As a software project manager, I often felt our team members were over worked (and in some shops, underpaid.) And customer focus is the driver in our corporate world, not employee relations. It then falls upon us, the project managers, to bring a smile to each team members face. “Good job,” seems like nothing to some, but for many of our team members, it’s everything! Don’t have time to bake cookies? I’m betting you have a specialty grocer nearby. Don’t have cookie eaters (you’ve never worked with code developers, have you?) Stop by their cubicle a couple of times each week. Bring a smile, and ask if you can help them with a task (if you’re not collocated, try a phone call—amazing what the personal touch can do.)

Yes, calculate estimate at completion; certainly, that’s part of the job. But, don’t forget to lead your team. Happiness increases retention. Retention leads to swifter project completion and deliverable readiness. It’s so simple, it’s easy to overlook!