Wait, Didn’t You Get My Email?

Communication. It isn’t what it used to be. So you sent the email and even got a “read” receipt?. You’re feeling pretty good about your communication strategy, right? Queue negative emoji here…..

You’re the project manager, so 60% of your day is spent communicating. Are you doing it correctly?

If you think a read receipt for 100’s of daily emails is effective, guess again. You’ve heard of communication “noise,” right? Think about your email inbox. How many emails do you receive in a day? 100 – 200? The average project manager receives around 150 emails each day! In addition to your daily tasks, do you have time to read, ingest and respond to that many messages?

Are you guilty of throwing everything into an email, and then sending it to “everyone?” Depending on emails to “communicate” is like throwing dice in Vegas I doubt most project managers are willing to leave project communications to luck!

The best communication strategies rely on multiple delivery methods: email, telephone calls, instant messaging. Consider putting all documents on a pull site; ie Sharepoint or Intranet. Every time you send an email, include a link to some important or recently updated documentation on the site. It’s part of your job to ensure stakeholders find this information! While weekly status updates are reasonably communicated via email, important updates should be communicated 1 on 1 with key stakeholders. What’s wrong with picking up the phone now and again?

And always, confirm both receipt and understanding from these essential team members. Communication is not simple, but it is simply required from great PM’s.