Custom Courses

Before you take another step in the wrong direction consider……

Explosive growth in project management has left many organizations with fractured, poorly organized PMO’s.  Most PMP training sites offer a plethora of business courses in addition to project management certification prep, employing a revolving cast of out of work experts who may be PMP certified, but are rarely good instructors.

Keeping your team together for synergy optimizes retention.  Training on your campus creates an atmosphere of teamwork and reduces learning “stress.”  Let us tailor a solution for you.

Project Management  is what we do!

Some of our custom courses:

  • We travel the United States, delivering courses for engineering firms, armed forces and various business entities.  Need focused training on scheduling?  We’ve got that!
  • For Texas CASA we designed & delivered a day long seminar, combining PM training with team building. Through hands-on activities, CASA employees created a scope statement, budget and schedule.
  • We designed & delivered a two hour training on project cost management for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  • When Texas Newspaper Association asked for training on project management methodologies, we worked with them to develop and deliver course material for staff.  And, we following up by assisting in the development of business processes for their future projects.
  • We’ve also consulted with several small software startups in Austin; focusing on process development as well as tools and software assets, to put their PMO’s in place.

If your team needs PMP Prep, we can deliver our out of the box course; tailored to your space and focused on your specific needs.  We believe in our consultative business model.  

Let’s talk about what you need